Emergency Call Out Services

We are proud to offer all our customers – old and new – a 24 hour emergency call out service. Operating across our areas of operation (up to the Outer North West of London, across the East of England, down to the South East Coasts & over to the West of England), we have highly skilled engineers on call at all times to deal with your emergency situation.

At AES Rewinds Ltd, we have decades of experience in our industry, so we understand how vital it can be to respond to an emergency promptly, with the right tools and the best expertise. Failure to respond promptly to a sewage pump failure, for example, can lead to environmental pollution, contamination of business and residential property, significant additional costs and in extreme cases, even fines or legal action.

We work hard to minimise the impact of emergency situations by offering a 24 hour call out service and sending our experienced, skilled engineers to the site as quickly as possible. Our engineers have a broad range of experience in mechanical, electrical and control system disciplines, and in most cases they should be able to resolve pump system failures within a few hours.

We can also help you to reduce your risk of experiencing an emergency in the first place. In our decades of experience, we find that a large proportion of all the emergency call outs we attend could have been prevented with regular, careful servicing and maintenance. Furthermore, in most cases, businesses and individuals will actually save money by taking out a quality maintenance plan, because the costs of dealing with a preventable emergency situation can easily dwarf what they would have spent on regular servicing and inspection.

By entrusting your year-round maintenance needs to AES Rewinds Ltd, not only will you receive a top quality service and excellent value for money, you will also dramatically reduce your chances of needing our 24 hour call out service. In the event that you do need to call us out, you’ll also have the reassurance that we prioritise all our existing customers and we’ll use our skills and expertise to get you up and running again in no time.

AES Rewinds Ltd is accredited by ConstructionLine, CHAS and SafeContractor, which means you can be sure of our high quality and our strict adherence to all current health and safety standards and regulations. Whether you’ve got an emergency situation right now or you want to prevent your next one with a quality maintenance schedule, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us today.