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At AES Rewinds, we have decades of expertise in pumping stations, sewage treatment plants, water booster sets, oil interceptors, electric motors, extractor fans, etc. So if you’re looking for new equipment, we can offer our expert advice and recommendations to help you purchase the right equipment to meet your particular needs. We work with a huge range of quality brands, including Tuke & Bell, AirFlow, Brook Crompton, Wavin, AquaSentry, Kingspan Klargester and many many more. Plus, if you buy from us, we can offer maintenance and servicing packages that will help you to run your equipment trouble-free for years to come.

Pumping stations enable the transfer of sewage and waste water from a gravity-fed wet well to a rising main, moving material to higher elevations and ultimately to treatment plants. Finding the right pumping station and submersible pump is essential, and attention should also be paid to the electronic control systems and level sensors.

Sewage treatment plants enable the effective disposal of sewage waste from domestic, commercial or industrial premises that are not connected to the mains, and they require a reduced level of tankerage for the removal of decomposed sludge waste when compared with equivalent cesspools or septic tanks. When choosing a sewage treatment system, it’s essential to obtain expert advice to ensure that you comply with applicable laws and regulations, and that you understand the maintenance and servicing requirements of your plant.

Water boosters are often used for residential properties of several storeys, where the pressure of the mains water cannot provide an adequate water supply to higher floors. A water booster can therefore provide an indispensable way of making properties habitable. However, the reliance on a water booster to deliver drinking water to tenant’s means that its failure can be hugely problematic and expensive for landlords. That’s why it’s so important to choose a quality product, with the kind of expert information that you’ll receive from AES Rewinds Ltd.

Oil water separators are often found in wash-down areas or car parks, and are used to fulfil the legal requirement to prevent contamination of groundwater with hazardous materials such as hydrocarbons. Choosing the right equipment, therefore, can help you to avoid a fine.

And I am sure we do not need to tell you about the various sizes, requirements and uses for electric motors, extractor fans and the such.

If you’ve got any questions about choosing a pump station, sewage treatment plant, pump, electric motor, fan, switchgear or any other aspect of the products we provide, we would love to share our knowledge and expertise with you. Our highly skilled and experienced team will talk you through the options, explain how the different systems work, and answer any queries or concerns you may have about installation, maintenance and operation. So why wait, Contact Us now. . . . .