Pump and Electric Motor Rewinds












Replacing an electric motor is often not an option as many of the older models are no longer available. Therefore, we are able to either purchase a different model or repair the existing one by rewinding it.

Repair or Replace?

Do take advice when considering these options as a repair may not be economically viable when the cost to purchase an ‘off the shelf’ model can be similar to the cost of a repair.

However, it’s often more cost effective to repair a larger model. Our skilled engineers will be able to determine which outcome will be better for you and advise accordingly.

5 Key Stages to an Inspection and/or an Electric Motor Rewind

1: Preliminary Inspection

This is vital to ascertain why the motor has failed. An experienced engineer will be looking for important clues and conversing with the customer to learn about:

  • the operating environment (temperature and exposure to vibration)
  • the equipment it has used to drive
  • whether a rewind has taken place previously
  • which starter has been used, how often it has started and for how long

2: Dismantling

Occasionally it will be obvious from the outside if a motor is repairable.  But ordinarily, it will be necessary to disassemble and examine fully. This takes great care as components can damage easily.

At this stage, we will prepare a quote for you and, if accepted, will waive the dismantling fee of £25 + VAT. If the quote is not accepted, the dismantling fee will be payable and the equipment will not be re-assembled.

In this scenario, you will also need to collect your equipment within one month. After this time, it will be responsibly disposed of as we cannot be responsible for equipment left on our premises.

3: Removal of Winding and Cleaning of Core

Techniques may differ, but there are generally four phases to this task: recording the winding details on data sheets; carrying out core loss testing; removing the old winding; cleaning the stator core to prepare for rewinding

4: Rewinding the Motor

The best way to retain energy efficiency is to duplicate the original winding configuration, with coil extensions kept as short as is practical and the same length of overhang.

However, a skilled engineer will be able to choose a different style of winding to match the motor’s original performance. Once the winding is in place, the coils and leads are re-attached as per the original connections. We will then carry out a series of tests before re-assembling the motor.

5: Reassembly

If a motor is not rebuilt properly, its efficiency may be compromised. It’s therefore crucial that this is done with the utmost care, by an experienced engineer.

Guaranteed Expertise

We only employ the most experienced engineers to complete work on your valuable equipment. We offer tailored maintenance plans, resulting in fewer necessary repairs or replacements. And if not possible on-site, all our repairs take place in our specialist workshop located in Ash Vale, near Farnborough.

AES Rewinds are CHASSafeContractor and Prosure360 accredited, so you can be sure of exceptional service with full health and safety compliance. To find out more about our repairs services, contact us today.