24/7 Emergency Pump Callout Services

We offer a 24/7 emergency pump callout service, as the nature of our clients’ businesses often dictates that in emergency situations, where the public or the environment are potentially at risk, a reliable and resourceful team is needed, urgently.

AES Rewinds have 60 years’ experience assisting our valued customers with emergency situations.

Our experience has allowed us to understand the need for calm, prompt action, with the right tools and expertise.

Take Emergency Action

Emergency scenarios can, and most likely will, happen to all businesses at some point. Preparation often results in minimum damage and, therefore, downtime.  

Take time to develop a business continuity plan (if you haven’t already). Your plan should be a ‘living’ document with regular updates made as equipment, key staff, and contacts will change.

Primarily, you need to decide what could go wrong, and what you should do if it does. The plan should be simple but not simplistic, and allow people to react quickly, without the need to read lengthy documents.

What IF?

A ‘what if’ list is a great place to start.

  • Firstly, it’s important to consider: ‘What if our sewage pump broke?’ or ‘What if chemicals leaked from our oil water separator?’
  • Next, it’s ‘What are the consequences of those events happening?
  •  And then ‘What can we do to mitigate such risks?’

 A regular maintenance contract is a reliable solution for your machinery, which will minimise such risks. Should an emergency happen, a 24/7 call-out service from a team able to rectify the problem quickly and efficiently is a must.

Consequences of Inaction

Failure to respond promptly to a sewage pump failure, for example, can lead to environmental pollution, contamination of business and residential property, significant additional costs and in extreme cases, even fines or legal action.

Without a business continuity plan, a disaster could result in:

  • Losing work to your competitors;
  • Loss of reputation;
  • Human Resources issues;
  • Health and Safety liabilities;
  • Higher insurance premiums.

And, as every organisation knows, when setbacks arrive in combination, the worst case scenario can eventually be business failure.

24/7 Emergency Call Out

We offer all customers our 24/7 emergency call out service. Our engineers operate across outer North West London, across the South, South East, and South West of England.

They are highly skilled with a broad range of experience in mechanical, electrical and control system disciplines. As a result, in most cases our team will be able to resolve pump system failures within a few hours.

In our experience, many of the emergency callouts we attend are preventable through regular servicing and cleaning. 

AES Rewinds Ltd is accredited by CHASSafeContractor and Prosure360 so that you can be sure of our strict adherence to current health and safety standards and regulations.

Contact Us

Whether you’ve got an emergency situation right now, or you want to prevent your next one with a quality maintenance schedule, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or call us on 01252 515169 to find out more.